About Us
The Boathouse sits on the banks of the Maribyrnong River; a little oasis of gum trees, sloping grass banks, old river terraces, today it belies its industrial past. Its charming Australian décor features natural radial cut weather boards, a stone fire place, tin sidings, a polished concrete floor and a ceiling of exposed straw. It seems to fit right in - so well in fact it could have been here for years. Once you have made yourself comfortable you’ll never want to leave! Oh, and you might notice a large canoe hanging from the roof...

Boathouse is owned by Steve Bogdani. His vision is to share life’s simple pleasures done really well.

The Boathouse "belongs to the people that come and the people that work there. We are simply its trustee’s” says Steve.  We are committed to making The Boathouse a true icon for the community and the people of Melbourne. 

We believe in treating you with a “genuine sense of hospitability” as if you were coming into their homes.  It is a principle that our people live and work by.  Also, having a “generosity of spirit” is important to them with generosity extending to the approach to service and ensuring you get value for money.

There is a feeling of pride and history, the sense of community here is undeniably strong. Walkers, children, dogs and bikes, it should be hectic, but some how it is not.

The Boathouse has ample car parking and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 9am to 9pm seven days a week. 
We're in love with food
We love high quality food and drink. We love knowing where our produce and products comes from, and the people who produce it.
"Good food brings all of us together and helps us find a common point of view. We believe that one of the greatest sources of joy is what happens around a dinner table"